Introducing Philips Tempus ALS

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Code Blue Resources is proud to partner with Philips/RDT as their exclusive NC/SC distributor for the Tempus ALS monitor/defibrillator solution. In addition to the exclusive distribution rights in NC/SC, Code Blue also serves as a Tempus ALS distributor in other States including MD, VA, WV, TN and KY.
Tempus ALS is a new, modern approach to prehospital monitoring and defibrillation. Designed to empower caregivers to focus on the patient and not be distracted or burdened by the equipment they need to use; the Tempus ALS system is comprised of a Tempus Pro monitor and a Tempus LS professional defibrillator. Each device can be used to perform its monitoring or therapy functions separately – but the devices connect wirelessly when together to share data. With two systems working as one, Tempus ALS provides a unique solution for emergency medical providers. Consider the following advantages of a modularized solution:

  • The Tempus Pro can be carried on a shoulder strap, while the Tempus LS can live in a medical response bag, only taking up a small amount of space. This allows you access to the features you need to use, while helping reduce potential risks associated with carrying bulky equipment to the scene. The Tempus Pro weighs only 6.5 lbs and 99% of the daily work is accomplished with this one piece of equipment – though you have peace of mind knowing the therapy module is within arm’s reach and ready to go if needed.
  • In use, the Tempus ALS’ dual-screens allow for greater visibility. In resuscitation events one display is focused on defibrillation therapy (Tempus LS) and the other on patient monitoring (Tempus Pro), while additional data entry opportunities help capture rich event-driven data.
  • Using exclusive data communication technologies, Tempus ALS allows for real-time streaming of vitals, waveforms and images to Philips IntelliSpace Corsium web-based clinical dashboards (no more software to load onto laptops, etc). Designed with powerful security protocols, Tempus ALS with IntelliSpace Corsium data management provide interactive ECG measurement, diagnosis and two-way communication.
  • Seamless electronic Patient Care Record (ePCR) integration supports improved accuracy of records and handovers. Clinical and operational dashboards and over the air updates can simplify and support scalable deployment and utilization.

Tempus Pro monitor – key features:

  • 3, 5 & 12-Lead ECG
  • 12-Lead interpretation; arrhythmia monitoring & alarms; ST elevation & QT duration measurement with alarms
  • Impedance respiration
  • Masimo® SET® SpO₂ & pulse
  • Masimo® SET® Rainbow® parameters – PVI®, PI, SpMet®, SpCO™, SpHb®, SpOC® (all optional)
  • Suntech NIBP
  • Microstream® capnography
  • Temperature (up to 2 channels) – 1 is standard
  • Invasive pressure (up to 4 channels)
  • Military grade robustness - fixed & rotary wing airworthiness certified
  • Water & sand resistant to IP66
  • Large, color touchscreen display (6.5″/16.51cm) – glove operable
  • Lithium-ion battery with a 10.75 – 14 hour battery life
  • Multiple ways of reviewing patient data, including 4 waveform color display
  • Ability to easily & quickly switch between patients
  • Integrated 3.2MP camera for recording images of the patient
  • Optional two-way communications including voice and real-time patient data transfer including images.
  • 110 mm printer
  • USB plug-in ultrasound and
video laryngoscopy (C-MAC) as optional features
  • Customizable Summary Record of Care that can be integrated in to an ePCR client, shared via email or exported to a USB and
  • Secure, real-time data transmission even when communications are poor.

For additional information, please see the link below or contact us via email at We would also be happy to schedule a web or an on-site demo of the Tempus solution at your agency.

Tempus ALS/Corsium brochure

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